be a Volunteer

"For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many."

Mark 10:45

There's no better way to get connected at Vertical than to volunteer with us! At Vertical, a volunteer's role is to welcome students in and foster a sense of approachability in efforts to spark further conversation about Jesus Christ. Volunteers spend every Monday night serving students at Vertical in a variety of ways, from prayer to setting up. We invite you to consider joining us as we play a small role in what God is doing at Baylor - our team needs YOU!

Volunteer Quotes.

"The opportunity to volunteer at Vertical has given me a chance to meet so many new people at Baylor I would never have met otherwise. And what better way to get to know someone than to serve alongside them each week?"
- Bailee Flake, Student Volunteer

"Volunteering with Vertical has pushed me to serve in different ways and allowed me to connect with people I would not have ordinarily met. It is an opportunity to grow your faith and will challenge you with what it looks like to live out what Jesus models in Mark 10:45."
- Garrett Hall, Student Volunteer


Greet Team.

The Greet team exists to set the tone for Vertical by being the first interactions students have as they arrive. The goal is to create a welcoming environment to remove barriers to them hearing and responding to the gospel of Christ.

Hospitality Team.

The hospitality team exists to serve and encourage the guests, staff, band, hosts, and production team of Vertical by creating a welcoming and hospitable experience, spurring them on to know God and make Him known.

Prayer Team.

The Prayer Team exists to humbly and consistently plead with God to work through Vertical to change the hearts of students to know Him and love Him more, reach the lost, and raise up relentless disciples.

Roadie Team.

The Roadie team exists to set up, maintain, and tear down the physical space Vertical is meeting at. We do this in order for students to encounter Jesus, so that we may ignite a passion for Him in Waco and around the world.

Street Team.

The Street team exists to use marketing strategies on campus to bring students to Vertical, aiming for every student at Baylor to hear the gospel and live a life of faith in Christ.

Outreach Team.

Media Team.

The Media Team strives to clearly communicate the goodness of God through creating content, capturing moments and using our gifts to convey the gospel through all aspects of media.

Donor Relations Team.

The Outreach team exists to pursue students who feel disconnected from those around them and invite them into relationship with Jesus, Vertical, and the local church.
The donor relations team exists to honor donors, thank them for their generosity, and invite them to fully step into what God is doing in and through Vertical.